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Boxer Mod Kit Classic BF Squonk Mechanical Mod

RM 80.00

The Boxer Mod Classic BF Squonk Mechanical Mod is a 3D printed fully mechanical squonker, with virtually no voltage drop at all.

Powered by a single 18650 (not included) our squonk bottle will hold a generous 7-ml of liquid despite the ultra compact size that you’ve become accustomed to with our Boxer Mods,

If you want a hard hitting squonker for sub ohm builds then the Boxer Mod Classic BF Squonk Mechanical Mod  won’t disappoint, with minimal voltage drop ensuring you get maximum power delivery.


  • Bottom Feed
  • Fully Mech Squonk Mod with virtually zero voltage drop
  • Lockable Fire Switch (to prevent accidental auto-fire)
  • Powered by a Single 18650 (not Included)
  • Rhodium Plated Beryllium Copper Contacts
  • 7ml Capacity Boxer SuperSoft Silicone Food Grade Squonk Bottle
  • Boxer Black BF 510 with Super Large Contact Area.
  • Plastic Nylon Body
  • Ergonomic design
  • Dimensions: Approx.74.5mm x 25mm x 44.9mm


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